Tax and spending news

Hideous rain, rain, rain! Matched Gordon’s mood I expect. I don’t know how he sat there whilst Alistair Darling regurgitated Lib Dem policies – taxing airplane flights not passengers; going after non-doms, etc etc. Sooooo embarrassing. But the Tories, who needless to say were jeering their heads off, accusing Darling of stealing their polices – have short memories. Tories stole them from us! And then had the cheek to complain when they were in turn nicked by Labour!

It’s a hideous reality these days. I know Lib Dems have always provided a think tank for the other two – but rarely is it so immediate and so blatant. Vince Cable (Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor) – gave a heavyweight and bravura response, whereas George Osborne (Tory equivalent) was incredibly content-free and frothy.

Vince passed along the front bench the copy of the Chancellor’s Statement – which is customarily given to the opposition spokespeople about an hour before the statement is made in the house. Some of the pages were blanked out! So much for open government. Tackled on this – Darling feigned surprise. ‘Really? They shouldn’t have been’. Bastards!

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  1. All 3 parties are vying for what they think they see in the centre ground, and thus they accuse each other of stealing their ideas. It’s a case of the bleedin’ obvious: all can see the same problems, all propose the same solutions. Grow up!Now over to Wales and there Lembit Opek at the Welsh Liberal conference has been asking for rail services to be re-nationalised. Here we get much closer to another bleeding’ obvious that is the ignored elephant in the centre ground: the public sector has become infantilised, incapable of managing many of the areas of public service that it is supposed to. But the recent problems for Brown’s govt have shown us something else: under Blair, MPs were not groomed for office, which of course is because Blair’s sofa government didn’t want competence – it would have got in the way. Brown wants that competence, but cannot find it in the PLP. Nor has he succeeded in turning round the civil service – there are too many without competence in senior civil service posts for that to be possible without a highly competent cohort of Ministers. We are in grave danger of a downward spiral, and the opposition may also not have the competence to reverse it.I had thought that Brown had done a deal with the First Division Association to stop the practice of putting people in jobs that they were not capable of doing and to introduce a true performance review process with teeth. But Burning our Money clearly believes otherwise (and explains it).