One sure way to tell if Cameron means what he says

So – David Cameron’s been all over the media criticising Gordon Brown over general election dates. But whilst he’s happy to criticise Gordon Brown for what he did (and didn’t!) do, he’s dodged one question: would he behave the same way himself if he were the Prime Minister? In other words – is Cameron really sincere in what he is saying, or just going for the cheap points?

Well – his bluff, if that it is, is about to be called! As Ming Campbell announced in a TV interview today, the Liberal Democrats will be tabling a bill calling for fixed-term Parliaments tomorrow (the first day Parliament returns). We will see whether or not a certain Mr D Cameron is at the front of the queue to support the bill, or if he really secretly thinks, “actually, I’d quite like to abuse our electoral process myself too”. Over to you David!

Appearing on Radio 4's The Westminster Hour with Carolyn QuinnI might also have a bit of fun teasing Ed Vaizey, my new Facebook friend (!), when we appear together on The Westminster Hour this evening on this!

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0 thoughts on “One sure way to tell if Cameron means what he says

  1. Lynne, Im sorry to say, that David Cameron clearly doesnt mean what he says. He says one thing one week, and then contradicts himself the next week. It seems clear to me, that Dave is a fickle fellow indeed. And what is worse, his Tory etonian pals are just as fickle, as their leader. Let us pray- the closest they get to Downing Street is standing in Whitehall- looking through those grand black gates.