Visiting the Whittington

Having done my usual advice surgery this morning, this afternoon I met with David Sloman (Chief Exec of the Whittington Hospital). We had our usual discussion on the progress of their application for foundation status – which is seemingly progressing.

We then went on to discuss the issues around the Hornsey Hospital development as I suddenly saw a real possibility of how the new facility could be made to work well. David was saying that if the IT system that is installed was linked to all local practises and the Whittington – then we (the people) would get a proper health network whether we went to our local GP, or were referred on to the polyclinic (click here to read about polyclinics) or the Whittington. Also, he was saying, that it would be more natural if the local health trust were to commission the Whittington say, to facilitate the phlebotomy department (taking blood) at Hornsey Hospital or other natural extensions or outposts of the services.

Anyway – the point I made was that David needs to make sure he (and the Whittington) are at the table with the GP practises et al when the specifics of the new health facility are being hashed out. That’s why I keep saying – it could be great or it could be a disaster – it will depend on real, real partnerships and not the Trust simply saying this is what you will have.

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  1. St Ann’s is soon to become Foundation Status too. This will be fantastic. More independence for Enfield, Barnet and Haringey Mental Health Trust. The Trust should take responsibility over its own affairs. However, I honestly acknowledge that St Ann’s requires refurbishment. Have you seen the state of the hospital? Recently, I was speaking to staff working at the Trust and they all complained about the state of and lack of security around St Ann’s, they wanted something done. Most people do.