Haringey nursery provision gets worse

Fears have been raised over falling nursery standards as figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats revealed that Haringey is one of only forty boroughs across the country where the ratio of trained teachers to nursery children has deteriorated.

There were just over 13 nursery pupils to every teacher in 2006. However, that figure rocketed to almost 18 pupils last year.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP says:

“These figures show that in spite of Labour’s claim that every child matters, it is clear in Haringey that our children don’t matter as much as elsewhere.

“Regardless of their spin and hype, the quality of local education provision for the youngest children in our area is falling in spite of the hard work of our teachers. They are having to paddle against the tide of empty promises from the Government.

“Once again this is clear evidence of what a raw education deal Haringey gets, on top of the significantly reduced pupil funding our schools receive compared to inner London. I would urge worried parents to support my ‘Fair Funding Deal for Haringey‘ campaign.Money pumped into our local education system will right these wrongs and raise standards.”