Gordon Brown breaks his word

Oh dear. It really isn’t new Gordon at all is it? Off jets the PM to Iraq (handily clashing with Conservative conference, trying to steal some of the media coverage from them) and announces 1,000 troops are to come home – but 500 of them were coming home already. And – what happened to GB’s promise to make announcements first to Parliament?

Double-counting numbers and putting spin first. It’s the same old Gordon!

0 thoughts on “Gordon Brown breaks his word

  1. The New York Times reports the story in sober terms:”BAGHDAD, Oct. 2 — In an unannounced visit to Iraq on Tuesday, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain said he planned to withdraw 500 additional troops from Iraq’s southern region by the end of the year.”Why do we indulge in this self-flagellation? One commentator has said that Gordon is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t go to Iraq. Time to deal with some serious issues about running the country.