Ten most popular blog postings (3rd quarter, 2007)

As well as being my blog’s birthday today, it is also three months on since my previous three month round up of the most popular postings on my blog.

So here once again is a list of the postings that proved the most popular with you, the reader, in the last three months:

10. Flooding in Muswell Hill: title says it all really.

9. Haringey Conservative turns UKIP: William McDougall switches parties.

8. More on Wood Green’s Waterstone’s: the sad loss of a local bookshop. Not quite sure why this posting did better than my previous / longer one, but there you go!

7. More on Brian Paddick and the London Mayor: see number three below.

6. Birthplace of TV at Alexandra Palace to be lost? An old posting this – but certainly a big local issue. That the new owner is also involved in football may help explain its interest.

5. PMQs: What do you think? Prime Minister’s Questions – good for democracy or embarrassing weekly display of rowdy behaviour by MPs?

4. Tim Garden: August was marred by Tim’s tragically early death.

3. Don’t vote for me: no, I wasn’t planning to run for London Mayor in 2008. But thanks for the online votes!

2. Should YouTube be closed: a posting about the decision by one teaching union to call for the closure of YouTube – because of its role in some bullying episodes. My view? “No” – wholesale closure would be an ineffective over-reaction. But click through to read more…

1. Fortismere School update: perhaps no great surprise that news of the future of a local school should have attracted the most traffic – and in fact this very posting topped the list in the previous three month period too. I hope my postings helped shed a little more light on what was happening during what has been a controversial episode.

What to make of the whole list? Well – it is good to see a mix of local, Liberal Democrat and national stories – which must mean there’s a good mix of readers out there! It also looks like postings often pick up quite a lot of readership some time after they were first written (and hence the poor showing of the most recent blog postings in the list) – something to remember when I write them!

Anyway – thanks for reading – and we’ll see what the next three months brings.