The angels that are Macmillan Nurses

Coffee morning in support of Macmillan NursesYesterday my pub – well I say my pub because my constituency office is upstairs – had a coffee morning this morning to support Macmillan Nurses. It was part of a national thing today – and I love The Three Compasses because they really are a community pub and do community things such as this – and have Fairtrade products and care about all of it.

Seemed to go pretty well with a steady, if small, flow of people coming in to support the campaign.

It’s funny, you know, for all of us who have been supported by Macmillan nurses when our loved ones have been dying – we all turn to each other and say ‘they are angels’. For those who are lucky enough not to have had to come into contact with them personally – these are the most wonderful beings who come into your home and do the things for the dying that make them comfortable – as comfortable as possible – as their ending comes. And it is also the comfort they bring to the family tending the dying person.

I know when my mother was dying – those last couple of days (and more importantly nights) were gruelling and the weeks before had been gruelling – but when the Macmillans came, some of the lonliness and anguish was reduced. It’s really hard to explain.

So as I say – for those of us who have experience of Macmillan nurses – we can’t sing their praises high enough. I am pictured with Ellen on my left and Kerry on my right. Ellen and I briefly shared the fact that both of us had had parents where Macmillans had come in – and agreed – they are definitely angels.