Fair funding for Harnigey's schools

Collect Lynne Featherstone campaigning against the £736 per pupil under-funding of Haringey schoolsmore signatures for my Fairer Funding for Haringey Schools – outside Rokesly School today. The basic issue is straightforward – Haringey schools don’t receive as much money per pupil as schools in neighbouring boroughs – hence my petition (click here to sign it online).

From the reply from Ed Balls so far – he acknowledges there is a problem and that a simpler formula is needed, is carrying out a review and hopefully in 2011 (!) will introduce an improved funding formula.

So – pressure to be applied, because our children and teachers shouldn’t have to wait until possible changes four years hence – though the good news from his response is that it suggests pressure may yet succeed as there’s a chink of light there already.