I'd like to see Nick Robinson's balls

Well, well – another day yesterday of Gordon Brown playing “will he, won’t he” on the general election date.

It’s typical boys and toys stuff – as if the whole electoral system is just his personal plaything to bounce around as he likes.

For all his talk about New Gordon, Open Gordon, Democratic Gordon – it’s still the same old control freak Gordon, treating our democracy – OUR democracy – with contempt. Why should the date of elections be up to him and him alone to pick – and only on the basis of what suits his own vote winning desires the best?

(My own view? Fixed term Parliaments, save for automatic general election on change of PM, vote of no confidence in the Commons or cross-party agreement).

And yet whilst he brazenly displays this contempt for democracy – where are the likes of the BBC’s Nick Robinson? Just meekly playing along as if having a democracy where the Prime Minister gets to fiddle the electoral system to suit his own ends is the only possible imaginable

Sorry Nick – not impressed!

Show us your balls – and start asking Gordon Brown the tough questions – like why should the date of a general election be picked just to suit Labour? Or why Gordon Brown wants to face both ways saying he wants to get on with governing – but doesn’t kill of the date speculation one way or another?

The occasional lobbed soft question to Gordon does the media’s reputation no favours at all. So come on Nick – put Gordon on the spot, ask the tough questions – and keep on until you get an answer.

0 thoughts on “I'd like to see Nick Robinson's balls

  1. Lynne, please … I’m just finishing off a work placement at the BBC, and I have to work with the guy. I don’t need that sort of mental image every time he walks into the office!

  2. I’m not sure I would agree with your sentiment re: Nick Robinson.Though I would like to see the BBC challenge Gordon Brown on his record of delivery.In particular his claims about fairness and ending child poverty:http://trannyfattyacid.blogspot.com/2007/09/life-under-labour.htmlHow can it be fair that someone who is pregnant is moved off diablity and onto maternity pay, and that they end up worse off than they were on disability. This is something that we are due to face in the near future, as my missus is pregnant again and having panic attacks at the thought of this change.Not to mention that because we are both disabled through mental illness that tere is a distinct possibility of having the child kidnapped by social services.Labour is a disgrace, and Gordon Brown is the biggest disgrace of all.

  3. If you are worried about all of this and you are one of my constituents – then please just come and talk to me about your fears and perhaps we can find a way to diminish the anxiety. Your wife needs to feel confident at this time. If you are not my constituent – then do contact your local MP. Better to address fears than let them nag away at you. Good luck with everything.