Will he ? Won't he? Will he? Won't he?

Lovely summer party by CASCH (a Crouch End residents’ association). Lots of anger about Haringey Council’s failure to move swiftly to help local residents affected detrimentally by the knock on from a CPZ nearby. Haringey Labour are saying no funds until next year – but these schemes are self-funding so if there was the will there would be the way.

Went straight on to canvassing in Crouch End – testing the water with a ‘if Gordon called an election tomorrow – which way would you vote’? It was very interesting; it always is interesting meeting people – but even more so in these times of fevered political speculation.

People seemed to still be angry with Labour – and the change from Blair to Brown not making the difference perhaps Labour were hoping. The Iraq war is still a key issue. And whilst Labour keep hoping that it will fade and that anyone who swung their vote away from Labour because of Iraq will somehow swing back – that didn’t seem to be the case on the doorstep. Not surprisingly really – as the war is not over and even when we do get our troops out, the mess will still haunt us. That feeling of responsibility and culpability doesn’t vanish with the change of face at No 10.

Anyway – seemed good to me – even though my canvassing is very stringent. I will only put someone down as Lib Dem if they are completely and unequivocally enthusiastic and always vote Lib Dem – anything else I categorise other ways. But as my opponents read my blog – not going to give away canvassing secrets here!

As to the political question of the day. Will he ? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he? Brown not answering just puts me off – albeit I am already off! So to speak.