Are your DNA records safe with the government?

Reading through last week’s newspaper articles – at last – I find that finally the cavalry is joining my campaign to stop innocent people’s DNA being stored in
perpetuity by the police on the national DNA database – and even The Sun has given the story a decent write-up. Hurrah!

And if you’re wondering – “but what does an innocent person have to fear?” – then the answer is “plenty!” as I wrote in an article titled What do the innocent have to fear from a DNA database? on my website.

0 thoughts on “Are your DNA records safe with the government?

  1. Hi Lynne. Good on you for taking on this campaign. I’ve just heard an advert for a Panorama special on DNA – this Monday at 8pm.

  2. I read the speech and I’m still trying to figure out what you think the innocent have to fear. The only things mentioned are that they are using it for scientific research (which hurts the subjects how?) and that DNA is unreliable evidence because we spread it all over the place anyway (which we know and take account of, and which incidentally implies that anyone who wanted to could set their own DNA database up without having to ask). You mention the correlation with race, which of course is an issue with arrests made rather than DNA taken/kept, and that commercial companies and thieves might get hold of it, but you are no clearer on what they would do to us with it than you are about the police.I think there are good reasons to be concerned about this database, but you don’t mention any of them. Unconvincing.