Outrage at Brian Coleman's attack on Haringey

Local Liberal Democrats have expressed shock and disgust at comments made by the most senior Conservative London Assembly member, describing Haringey as “ghastly”. Controversial Tory assembly member Brian Coleman, writing in his blog on the New Statesman website, this week portrays Haringey as a place “where decent folk lock their car doors as they drive through”.

Cllr Neil Williams, Leader of Haringey Lib Dems, comments:

“This is exactly why the Tories are so unelectable in our borough. Haringey is a great place and a vibrant and cosmopolitan community – and that is exactly the way we locals like it.

“It’s the same old nasty Tories. They have no idea what Haringey is like and should be ashamed of their comments. It’s appalling to hear a senior Tory insulting the area.”

“The fact that Mr Coleman would also like to see Maggie back is another indication of his lack of faith in Cameron’s Conservatives – not to mention sheer delusion on his part. It all goes to show that a Conservative vote is a wasted vote here in Haringey.”