Why are so many people unhappy?

Discontent with our modern lot – that was the theme of my speech at last night’s launch of Reinventing the State: Social Liberalism for the 21st Century:

I started out on my chapter just thinking about how often friends or colleagues bound up to me and say, “Hey Lynne, I feel fabulously happy and I there’s nothing I would want different.”

Duh! Never! We appear to wander round in mild to severe discontent with our lot. It’s not actually the ‘fabulously happy’ answer that I really hope for – but I do wonder what it is that makes us feel such dissatisfaction.

It was a packed fringe meeting – and also featured speeches from Chris Huhne, Nick Clegg and Steve Webb. A good evening all round!

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0 thoughts on “Why are so many people unhappy?

  1. I disagree.The state is not a tool for making people happy, it tries this and it fails. What the state should do is leave people alone to pursue their own happiness.People should mistrust the state, it is that which prevents the worst excesses of the state, although it has turned to apathy in the UK which allows this government to get away with abusing the people of this country.The decline is not one from Thatcher, it is from the socialistic consensus which led the state to try and take on the functions of community.Thatcher was right (and liberal) when she said society does not exist because what she meant was there is no such thing as society as a whole which can be manipulated by government, which can be made happy.Community is a far better term for what people often mean by society. I suppose Society could be the community of all communities, but then it extends to the whole world…

  2. I agree we need to be careful as regards the role of the state – but which of the specific policies I’ve suggested do you disagree with?