Muswell Hill Horticultural Show

Off Lynne Featherstone MP at the 2007 Muswell Hill Horticultural Showto the Muswell Hill Horticultural Show to say hello to everyone and give out the prizes. I am always amazed by the glorious show of flowers and produce – despite what seemed to me a summer largely without sun.

What I have learned over my two years as MP about horticulture is that there are generally a few people who pick up the majority of first prizes. And you can see why: their contributions to the classes are superb – and talking to one lady who said she almost always came second – she said that these guys who win everything really set the standard for her to aim at. And when she did get a first in class (and she had four firsts this time) it really meant something to beat a grower who was that good.

So – none of this skulduggery that is depicted in detective shows – who damaged the petals on the rose in the conservatory? It is all very good natured and a delight to see the beautiful array. I am pictured with Eric Gurman and his ‘Best in Show’ first prize flowers!