Shocking housing figures unearthed by Liberal Democrats

Figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats have shown the appalling number of families in temporary accommodation in Haringey. In figures released to Cllr Catherine Harris, Haringey Council confirmed that 5,688 people are currently living in temporary accommodation – only down 300 from last year. Lib Dems believe that this shows Labour’s dismal failure to tackle the burgeoning issue of those living in difficult and uncertain circumstances and a worrying prospect for those still in temporary accommodation and on the 13,000 housing list.

Cllr Catherine Harris, Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesperson, comments:

“I raised this issue publicly last August when I unearthed the deplorable numbers living in temporary accommodation.Last year this was 6,000 families, and very little improvement has been made. I am very concerned about Labour’s lack of visible effort in this area. Haringey also has one of the highest number in London of children living in temporary accommodation and this can cause difficulties with schooling and health for families as a result.

“People living in Haringey deserve a better service and the Labour Council needs to explain now why other boroughs can solve this problem and they can’t. People living in temporary accommodation are often also trapped on benefits because the charges are so high if they work. The whole thing is a mess for ordinary people trying to get on with their lives – sort it out Haringey.”

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, adds:

“In my regular surgeries I come across so many heart breaking cases where families have put their lives on hold waiting for a decent home.These depressing figures show just how many families are having to wait and Haringey Council’s scandalously poor performance in doing anything to make the situation better.”

Note:Shelter figures show that Haringey has a total of 8,700 children living in temporary accommodation