Someone doesn't like Gordon Brown

Stomped around two parades of shops today in Alexandra ward (which runs east from the Fortis Green area through to the western edges of Wood Green).

Outside of parking – there was quite a tirade about the bureaucracy created for small businesses by our now Prime Minister G. Brown.

One chap said he hated him for what he had done. Using the example of his brother-in-law on £25k as a cab driver with a wife earning £5k as a school’s dinner lady – he went through the number of people now involved in the process of their tax return and claims (child tax credit etc). His argument was that there were now five people employed in one or other capacity by the Government to deal with the process. Before G. Brown – just one was required. Good point I thought!

0 thoughts on “Someone doesn't like Gordon Brown

  1. This should be a great opportunity for the LibDems.We aren’t tainted with the Tory reputation, yet it is surely liberal to call for smaller government and less bureaucracy.Its a message I’m increasingly frustrated that we don’t put across. Its radical, liberal and supportive of the poorest in society.