YouTube poll: cast your vote

I thought I’d follow up my previous blog posting about the call from some teachers for YouTube to be closed with an online poll!

The wording is from the motion that was passed at the recent teaching union conference, though any wording doesn’t quite capture the nuances of all possible views – so please do also use the comments if you want to add a “but…” to your yes/no vote.

(If the voting buttons don’t appear it means you – or someone else using your computer! – has already voted).

0 thoughts on “YouTube poll: cast your vote

  1. Is this the place for comments on the “close YouTube” poll?It’s alarming that teachers can make such a basic error of logic: it’s not YouTube that encourages bullying, it’s the obnoxious people who put bullying content on it. You might as well close down the telephone system because of obscene phone calls.My personal feeling is that bullying is usually a symptom of the abuse of power, or sometimes just incompetence or stupidity, higher up the system. (I’ve certainly seen this in corporate settings.) You don’t create individual confidence and mutual respect by ordering people about. Good teachers throughout the system can do it automatically as part of what they do. How you get good teachers in the first place, and how you support them, is the real question.

  2. By the same logic, shouldn’t we close the schools too? I remember that when I was at school, nearly all of the bullying happened there…This is the most ridiculous example I have ever seen of using the internet as an easy scapegoat instead of tackling real social problems. If your fellow MPs don’t realise this then they clearly have no comprehension of how the internet works and shouldn’t be engaging with the issue either way until they do.I’m glad that you seem to be as opposed to this daft notion as your blog suggests.

  3. Leaving aside the ridiculously loaded wording of the question … they appear to be concentrating on stopping people showing there is a problem, and not acting against the problem itself.If they really don’t want video of such activities to exist, the first thing to target would surely be the activities themselves. Did they have any pat action plan for that?

  4. Naturally and wholeheartedly I too “deplore the very real problem of cyber bullying in schools” but it is cart and horse’ness of the very worst order to think that closing any online site or service would make any difference whatsoever, just as making spray cans or felt tip markers illegal wouldn’t stop graffiti.We can’t turn back time, but we can clearly improve education – of the teachers as much as the students.

  5. I agree that cyber bullying is a very real problem, but it should be solved without limiting the freedom of speech of those, who haven’t abused it. Otherwise it is comparable to the measures of government to limit the human rights in order to fight against terrorism.Besides, if youtube would be closed, also the nice lib dem tv from the right side of Lynne’s blog would disappear. 😉

  6. Well, hold on, what are we voting for? Closure of YouTube, or closure of sites that encourage Cyber Bullying?Actually, the latter is also a dumb proposal, since any social network (online or otherwise) can be used for bullying.

  7. Youtube is simply a channel to mediate communictation through. It won’t solve a thing to close it, but it will hurt thousands of people who use youtube for sharing songs, art and movies with other people, withe the same interests. Closing Youtube is by far the most retarded solution possible, and won’t solve the problem. Like another comment said, its like closing down the telephone net to stop obscene calls. Just lame.