Residents and councillors demand action on dangerous wall

Highgate councillor Neil Williams has slammed Haringey council for dragging its feet over a dangerous wall in Summersby Road, Highgate. The Liberal Democrat Leader has demanded immediate action to make repairs to the wall – which Homes for Haringey has admitted is dangerous and “could come down at any time”.

Cllr Williams wants the work to start urgently, as children from Summersby Road regularly play next to the dangerous wall, behind which is always piled large amounts of building materials in the builder’s yard next door.

Local residents have been expressing their fears about the wall’s safety to Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey since January. Haringey Council now says that it has tried to make repairs, but was unable to do so because this needs the cooperation of the next door builder’s yard. Cllr Williams says there have been months to sort the problem out – yet the Council hasn’t even bothered to install signs saying the wall is in need of repair and could be dangerous.

Local residents, including the Chair of the Summersby Road residents’ association, Sarah Mitchell, have been pressing Haringey Council to make repairs.

“The situation is very worrying,” says Sarah Mitchell.”Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey have been passing the issue back and forth. The wall is very dangerous, and is visibly failing.If action is not taken, someone could be injured or killed.”

Local Lib Dem councillor Neil Williams adds:

“Haringey Council, along with Homes for Haringey, has dragged its feet endlessly over this situation. Not for the first time, action was promised at a meeting of the residents’ association I attended in June, but nothing has yet been done. It is extremely worrying that on a matter of basic safety, effective action is not taken. It is an appalling example of buck passing where public safety is at stake.”