MP demands urgent review of Park Police radio policy

Lynne Featherstone MP has made an urgent direct appeal to Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner for the London Metropolitan Police, calling for a review of its policy to bar Haringey Park Constabulary from its radio network.

Following the recent national upgrade of the police radio network, officers from the local park constabulary have found themselves unable to call for back up or co-ordinate spontaneous operations with the Met Police becausethey do not have access to the police radio network.

It is understood that Haringey Parks Constabulary invested months ago in the new equipment, but it has laid unused because of the Met’s intransigence on the issue.

Commenting Lynne Featherstone says:

“There is no rhyme or reason to this situation. We have officers in our parks protecting the public who have been trying for months on end to get connected to the Met radio system, which will make them and the public safer.

“Obviously you wouldn’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry accessing a police radio network, but we’re talking about trained and warranted police officers employed to keep our parks safe.

“The old radio system they are using is so antiquated and not properly monitored that a Park Officer in trouble would be just as well to dial 999 in emergency, which is plain ridiculous.”