Don't vote for me!

Time Photo of City Hallto break the habit of a lifetime and see my name on a ballot paper – and not put a vote next to it!

I’m talking about the poll over at Liberal Democrat Voice on who should be the next Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor. Thanks all those who’ve put me (as I type) at the top of the poll, but sorry to tell you – I’ve no interest in putting my name forward for the selection when it kicks off again latter this year.

As for the other names that are listed – Brian Paddick is the one I’d pick. He impressed me when I was serving on the GLA and the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) – and as I wrote in another blog post at the time:

When I think of my time seeing the Met up close when I served on the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) for five year – Brian is the one officer I met who I believe really understands and gives weight to some of the problems that are contentious.

0 thoughts on “Don't vote for me!

  1. I have seen him at a party event, though whether as a paid up member or not I do not knowPS Lynne – it looks as if you did not get your refusal out quickly enough – see ePolitix story

  2. I have met former DAC Brian Paddick, who served at New Scotland Yard and retired most recently. I have immense respect for the man. He is one of a handful of officers from an under-represented community in a senior position. He is truly a positive role model. He worked under Mr Ghaffur for a number of years, and gave a commendable service to his specific directorate. All credit to him. However, I am quite concerned that he is standing for the Lib Dems, surely all police officers or former ones (particularly those who have served in significantly high positions) should remain neutral. I know Sir John is neutral and independent in the House of Lords. Same for Paul Condon, I think Brian Paddick should, as his experience and expertise would be needed in the upper chamber. I am opposed to any police man or former officer becoming Mayor. Because i feel they should be helping shape Parliamentary legislation on crime and order, especially when it affects cuts to police funding and resources, an area he can make an enormously welcomed contribution.