Tackling terrorism

Up on my website now is a piece I wrote a little while back for Asian Voice about tackling terrorism:

Any religion – or perversion of religion – that claims a right to kill people because they find their behaviour offensive is where my tolerance stops. And it is not as if those who declaim against the supposed decadence of Western society are particularly pure or clean themselves. A quick quiz question: who was it who superintended the widespread growing of illegal drugs for Western consumption and made profits out of it? Answer – Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. So much for their claims to being virtuous; the truth is that they are the very same amoral grubby profit seekers they attack others for being.

You can read the full piece here.

0 thoughts on “Tackling terrorism

  1. It’s very good to see this article, and thanks for speaking out. I’m going to argue against one particular point, but in doing so I don’t want to be seen as criticising your article harshly, and don’t want to put you off writing more along these lines. It’s intended to be constructive, and I am impressed and pleased to see MPs finally talking about this.The Taliban claim virtue by their own standards. Dealing in intoxicants is haram if they are intended for Muslims, but they make no such rule for non-Muslims.This is relevant in another conflict where some taxi drivers have refused to carry passengers carrying alcohol, citing religious prohibitions. They’re wrong, since the proscription is about not encouraging sin, and while Muslims are not allowed alcohol and therefore should not encourage or aid its use among themselves, they’re also not supposed to upbraid Christians and other ‘people of the book’ over it, according to dhimma rules. They can give unbelievers as many intoxicants as they want. In this case, the Taliban have got the Sharia right and the taxi-drivers (or rather their mendicant imams) have it wrong.We tell them it is none of their business if we want to do things they consider sinful, and they should not be taking actions intended to interfere with our freedom. But then we want to tell them to stop selling us the drugs that many of us willingly buy, and criticise their morals for doing so?They will tell us that we’re being inconsistent.There are plenty of far better reasons to criticise them. Just quote from the intolerant parts of orthodox Islam they claim to follow (you’ve been given the references), or describe some of the horrific atrocities committed against people, for ‘crimes’ like sending girls to school to be educated, selling music, or falling in love with the wrong person.Never mind their own claims to being virtuous – that let’s them set the rules of the game. What matters is that their behaviour is wicked by our more tolerant multicultural standards, and if their standards don’t say so, that in itself is a solid indictment of their beliefs.