Residents and MP demand last minute re-think on mast

An urgent appeal for a last minute re-think on the Mount View Road (N8) phone mast was made today directly to senior phone company officials by local residents and Lynne Featherstone MP.

Residents and Ms Featherstone had requested the eleventh hour meeting to put the case against the mast’s location.

Commenting Lynne Featherstone MP says:

“I really wanted the mobile company to see how unsuitable this location is.It is not acceptable that the mast will be pointing directly into local residents’ bedrooms.

“Together residents and I made a plea for an urgent investigation of alternative sites that are as far away as possible from residential properties.Failing that, then the company should consider repositioning of the antennae putting residents’ bedrooms out of the waves’ direct path.”

The Hutchison 3G officials gave a commitment to give further consideration to the residents’ and Ms. Featherstone’s representations before going ahead.