Parkland Walk: progress from Haringey Council

Mosey along to the ‘consultation’ on the plans for Parkland Walk. It would seem from the number of times that officers told me that the priority for the walk was its role as a nature reserve followed by a walk for pedestrians – that the message has got through from we local people.

The fear was that Haringey Council – in order to get the dosh from Transport for London (from their cycling department) – were going to turn Parkland Walk into a commuter cycle track. I had, subsequent to hearing local peoples’ concerns, got with a Freedom of Information request documentary evidence that indeed that was what the Parkland Walk money was for.

Having put this in the public domain and got loads and loads of people to give me their views on the then proposals (which I forwarded to the Council consultation), it would now seem from looking at today’s plans that the Council has taken note. Mainly the grant now seems to be being proposed to be used for improving access, patching paths, putting in drainage and introducing better signing.

It was still quite hard to tell what surface material they were proposing for the patching of the paths – as they displayed a range of about four – with no indiction of their favourites.

If the work goes ahead as displayed – outside of a bit of concern about the steps that will be replaced by ramps for cycles, wheelchairs and buggies – it looks OK.

So – fingers crossed!