Gordon Brown and our Tube

PMQs – and Gordon didn’t have a good one – repetitive and unsure of facts or what to say. It’s not so easy being PM as he expected.

Vince Cable had a question on the order paper and used it to batter Gordon over his head with the failure of Metronet – whose slide into economic meltdown was inevitable. There’s no sliding away from this issue for Gordon because when he was Chancellor – the PPP for the tube was his baby. Ken L went to court to try and stop this dreadful contract which cost something like £500 million in consultants and lawyers alone.

I was shoulder to shoulder with Ken against the PPP – for the very reasons that are now coming to light.

Make no mistake – these are Gordon’s PPP chickens coming home to roost – and not so new Gordon is entirely to blame for this debacle.

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  1. As we look at the reorganised DfT its not clear who is responsible for London’s transport matters, either at Ministerial level or within the dept itself. I had expected that Jim Fitz, with a background of London matters all his working life until he became an MP, would have that in his portfolio, but no – he gets shipping and aviation. Must be Aunty Ruth’s baby, but it also needs a champion among the civil servants – as well as the bleedin’ obvious, there is the through ticketing with lots of rail franchises to sort out (Oyster/ITSO method integration).