Brown was a great deal better today than last week – and followed PMQs with a draft Queen’s Speech. Innovation – the ability to discuss and disseminate proposals before the Queen’s Speech – or does the PM just want his manifesto out there for an autumn election which gets called before the actual Queen’s Speech? Hmmmmmmm.

Then it was the Tory Opposition Day debates. There was a tepid motion, apple pie against which it was impossible to vote – however, it was based on the report by Iain Duncan Smith. In fact, I went to record for the Week at Westminster to discuss the ‘back to basics’ marriage proposals of the Tories with Diane Abbot and Nadine Dorries. Needless to say – Nadine supported her Tory colleagues and tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to argue that the £20 per week for married couples was the answer to all our ills. Diane and I were on the other side on this one.

To me – ludicrous to go backwards and propose a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. Yes – we all agreed that having two parents in situ was the optimum (although only Nadine thought they had to be married not just cohabiting) but Diane and I recognise the world we live in – not make believe. That genie isn’t going back in the bottle – not for Tories or anyone. It was a fun knock around – better than having the boys in! Then I returned and sat in the last half hour of the debate itself – but listening to Tories bang the marriage drum just makes me wonder whether they have changed at all!