Litvinenko update

Well – after Haringey keep forgetting to update me when they promise to – I contacted them. Again! The ‘critical survey’ which measured the Pollonium 210 residue in the Muswell Hill home of the Litvinenkos and the consequent advice on any remediation needed arrived a week or so ago.

There was some time taken over a difference of opinion in terms of how something was calculated between the Health Protection Agency and Corillion – but that didn’t amount to much. There may be a few spots which are just above the safety level – but most of the house has now returned to the levels normally found in the atmosphere.

So – with regard to the hot spots – there was a ‘strategy’ meeting last week about what comes next and what arrangements need to be made for cleaning the house and as ever – who pays will need to be sorted. I am promised a phone call tomorrow.