Treehouse Trust's birthday

With Lord Clement-Jones at the Treehouse Trust birthdayYesterday I went to a big reception in the Lords for the 10th birthday of TreeHouse. TreeHouse (Trust) is the most fabulous of organisations. Basically – ten years ago two mothers of autistic children got together to say that their kids were not getting the right care and attention – and set up TreeHouse. Lord Tim Clement Jones (Lib Dem colleague in the Lords) leads from the front on this – and together with very committed group of people has taken this idea through to creating the best ever school for autistic children that there is. But it’s not just about the children lucky enough to go to TreeHouse – it is a Charitable Trust which works on improving the case for all autistic children and research etc.

My involvement – well mainly that when TreeHouse were looking to build the proper bespoke buildings they came to my constituency and Muswell Hill. At first local residents were a little concerned about this proposed school on a green site – but it wasn’t green, green – it was land actually covenanted to educational purposes. And the staff are phenomenal – and if you could visit and see the work, the care and the love that these children receive – you would take TreeHouse to your heart the way we all have done. Treehouse has gone out into the community of Muswell Hill and earned its affection. In fact, the birthday cake was from the local bakers and now – we are all as proud of punch to have something this excellent on our patch.

At the event at the Lords, several of the children came and played some music and sang songs. If you don’t know an autistic child – then you will have no concept of just what a momentous achievement those seemingly simple songs were. I take my hat off to everyone involved – a truly moving occasion and such a worthy cause.

Then a quick meeting with the Missing Cypriots lobby opposite Parliament – where I meet up with Susie Constantinides from my local patch where she mother hens the Cypriot Centre. I meet a group of mainly women bearing photographs of young men strung around their necks. These are the missing Cypriots – their husbands, sons and brothers – who disappeared so many years ago and who have never been seen since. Altogether 1,619 Greek Cypriots – including civilians, women, children and old people – have not been seen since August 1974 and their fate remains unknown.

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