Not wanted by Haringey

Advice surgery all morning – but the backdrop of the day is the bomb in Haymarket. Predictable really I guess – if you think about the timing. Fantastic that it was spotted before it went off. But it is a horrid sense that our well-being can be instantly threatened and our lives put on guard again – just like that.

Lesser matters – but a while back, I had a letter from Haringey Council asking if I would present an award for the Better Haringey Awards tonight which I said I would be happy to do. Because it clashed with my daughters ‘A’ level art show – I asked my office to telephone before the event to ask if I could present an award in the second half of the award ceremony – giving me an hour at her show and an hour at the awards. On telephoning, my Head of Office was told that this wasn’t an event for MPs. It was a Council event and MPs weren’t wanted. Nice! Labour Haringey clearly hasn’t caught up with the new Prime Minister’s desire to work with all the talents!

Evening – get a call from Ming about my future – but can’t tell yet!