The best dog in Hillfield Park

Street Party season is in full swing – and I go to as many of those that I am invited to as I possibly can. Today first off was the Woodland Fun Day organised by the Friends of Queens Wood. Yes – of course it was a shame about the weather – but they had a really good turn out anyway because the activities for children were a big draw. And children need entertaining whatever the weather – and it is fantastic for parents to have such organised fun – story-telling and face-painting and a giant chess board, a band and much more.

Congratulations to the Committee for organising such a lovely day for local families. Huge amounts of work go into these events – and there is no better way for children to come into one of the most beautiful natural environments in our area.

Second Lynne Featherstone MP with Grace Parker and Vegas - winner of the Hillfield Park dog agility Olympicsoff was the Hillfield Park ‘Olympic Games’ street party. Peter Thompson (my local hero for the work he does in the community) and his team organise a really fantastic bash every year. During the afternoon there are organised competitions for everyone – from Grow your Own (a plant growing competition where we all got to vote); dog agility course (my personal favourite – see me pictured with the winner ‘Vegas’) and three-legged races, and much more – including in the evening the banquet and the bands. Well done Hillfield.

In fact, it is these events that I have put in my chapter in a book on social liberalism to be published this autumn. Without going into detail – I am suggesting that communities provide structures that we need to nurture. Did you know that crime falls in proportion to the number of people who know each other within a fifteen-minute walk from their house? I rest my case!