Being propositioned by a Tory MP

On the way up to the weekly Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party meeting – I found myself being propositioned in the lift by a Tory – politically propositioned of course. (And no – I am not going to name him). Very sweetly done, I thought and humourous and obviously off of the back of the Guardian’s story about Brown’s overtures to Ming. Personally, I expect a lot more shmoozing from both sides trying to woo us Lib Dems. Labour and Tory are after our voters and after us. And whilst I may enjoy the odd bit of flirting – I remain independent. My mum always said play hard to get!

Seriously, though, I don’t know how many times we Lib Dems have to repeat the mantra – a plague on both their houses and we’re going out there for maximum Lib Dem votes, maximum Lib Dem MPs and maximum Lib Dem policies! Labour are clearly terrified of what’s coming down the track. The Tories are desperate. And we’re concentrating on our work!