Survey reveals 8 out of 10 oppose Parkland Walk plan

Plans to resurface Parkland Walk have come under fire once again, after local MP Lynne Featherstone (Lib Dem) published statistics showing that over 83% of users were opposed to the scheme.

Lynne Featherstone MP ran an online survey ( to enable local residents and users of the walk to have their say. At the close of Haringey Council’s consultation on the future of the walk all responses so far received were included as part of her submission to the consultation.

A Freedom of Information Act request had revealed that Transport for London were hoping that money earmarked for improvements to the nature reserve would be used to increase cycle speeds but responses so far submitted to the online survey have shown that:

  • Over 74% of respondents were against any improvements for cyclists
  • Over 83% of respondents were against any resurfacing of the walk
  • Just 3.8% of Parkland Walk users use it for commuter cycling

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“The money for improvements in Parkland Walk is obviously very welcome but it would be clearly ridiculous to spend it on improvements which benefit less than 4% of users, and to which there is obviously so much opposition.

“We need improvements to commuter cycle routes across London, cycling needs to be made easier, but this should happen along and next to roads – not in nature reserves.”