Haringey Council challenged by MP over cigarette littering inaction

Fears over a huge increase in cigarette butt littering on the streets of Haringey following the forthcoming smoking ban have caused Lynne Featherstone to urge Haringey Council to do more to help smokers dispose of their butts legally.

Following enquiries to council officials Ms. Featherstone was alarmed to discover the only action they are planning ahead of the ban is to write to all traders merely requesting that they purchase cigarette bins which Haringey Council will empty for free.

Ms Featherstone, who supported the ban in Parliament, has urgently written to the council’s chief executive urging more cigarette bins to be installed by Haringey Council.

Ms. Featherstone comments:

“You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the smoking ban will mean more smokers in the streets and without more cigarette bins there will inevitably be more cigarette butts litteringpavements.

“In many cases, the public highway will be the only legal place for people to smoke away from home so the council should be thinking ahead.Failure to take urgent action will see any plans for better Haringey simply go up in smoke.”