Pirate radio station update

Further to the story of Crimestoppers adverts appearing on a pirate radio station – Bizim FM – the offending advertisements look like having been downloaded from the web by the radio station and then broadcast.

However they got there – you cannot have the Met’s brand on an illegal radio station – and the Met are investigating. They say that they have had this type of problem before so we’ll see what they decide to do this time!

I have had a few emails saying that Bizim is better than London Turkish Radio (LTR). Not my focus – I am not judging the relative excellence or otherwise of the two stations – only their legality or otherwise. I am also getting a few identical letters from supporters of Bizim (so orchestrated clearly) who say that it is just a ‘licensing technicality’. I think that’s the sort of technicality that costs money – i.e. applying for a license – in fact quite a lot of money. Licensing is what keeps our airwaves clear – not just for our enjoyment but also for our safety in that the frequencies are also used by the emergency services. Illegal broadcasting is not acceptable. Nor is one station having to pay whilst another decides it won’t.

Listen guys – I have no axe to grind here other than a business in my constituency is being financially damaged by an illegal pirate radio station.

I am meeting with Ofcom in a couple of weeks – so watch this space!

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  1. What happen to freedom of speech? This is not a matter of removing a pirate radio station, there is clearly an agenda behind it. Maybe to silence dissenting voices. Just like there is an agenda behind Government’s refusal to hold a public inquiry into the 7/7 offering us preposterous explanation, or Government’s decision to sideline the MCB for Sufi Muslim Council- claiming they are not representative but the Sufi Council is- what really angered the Government was MCB’s open opposition to Israel’s oppression of Palestinian civilians. Behind every story, there comes a conspiracy.Now, I am considering whether to vote for you at the next election. Every vote is important.Thanks

  2. Nice try at finding a conspiracy, but … illegal pirate radio stations aren’t some beacon of freedom of speech. Instead they’re deeply selfish. Their transimissions can mess up the local ambulance and police services. Their transmissions get in the way of people listening to other radio stations. That’s not some great display of freedom of speech. It’s selfishness.

  3. In fact, there is a conspiracy at play, but remember you only had one radio station complaining about it- The Met Police, London Ambulance Service, nor did the London Fire Service draft a letter complaining about “transmission issues”- only pro-war Labour advocates ‘our legitimate radion station’ wrote to Lynne Featherstone, complaining. Thirdly, the Government is quick to dismiss, ridcule and attack groups, including the Muslim community. After 7/7, the Government accused our mosque of being the problem, then women in face veils and hijabs, then Islam and Muslims were a problem, then young Muslims, then another rubbish issue- but they never talk about Britain’s foreign policy, nor do they talk about our bias support for Israel. The College and University Union were correct to boycott Israel, but our Education Minister is currently on holiday in Israel, of course, making love. Me think conspiracy is playing often.

  4. Bizim FM is skipping paying the money that other radio stations have to pay to help running the radion network and services in our country. If they are really terribly good people at heart, they could pay up that money anyway – or give it to a local charity.If they are not doing that, it makes them just the same as those who dodge taxes:- they want to take from society but do not want to pay their fair share.

  5. Every time you sign up you need to abide by a set of principles or rules, which include ‘do not criticise politicians or make political statements’, which will prevent these radio stations from serving as a neutral platform for making legitimate political statements, allowing politicians to exert power over these stations. I had those stations that only invite David Cameron and Tony Blair and all them other ‘stupid’ politicians- for once- invite some ordinary people. anti-politicians and opposed to corrupt politics.

  6. “Now, I am considering whether to vote for you at the next election…” (Mash)Only a few months ago you tried to oil yourself into the local Conservative Party. Thank goodness we rejected you.

  7. Justin, I applied to join the Conservative, you are correct, but now that i rethink my decision- I am embarrassed that i did that. I wanted to join a party who has a reputation of anti-black and anti-Asian racism. Let us not forget what one of your own Conservative councillor’s did last year- composing a racist poem about Asian people- and a Tory MP who told a constituent there were more “black criminals than white ones.” Now i am sure to have made the wrong decision. I prefer to be independent and not affiliated to any party who believe that black people are criminals and Asians all rely on benefits. I prefer to say all citizens are equal. I think Conservatives should be encouraging more women and people from BME communities to join, but it appears to be failing on a national level.

  8. My mistake- I was meant to say the Conservative’s have a reputation as a good party. But, I was sadly very very wrong. The Tories have a reputation for making anti-black and anti-Asian comments- let us hear some of them-Conservative councillor’s did last year- composing a racist poem by e-mail correspondence about Asian people- and a Tory MP who told a constituent there were more “black criminals than white ones.” Now i am sure to have made the wrong decision.There are hundreds of examples, including cases covered by the BBC about Conservative’s making comments about BME communities. The Lib Dems, Labour, Respect, even the unknown parties refrain from making racist remarks and at least are tolerant towards people of other races.

  9. “Mash” your examples need expanding, for instance, Channel 4 has recently thrown ‘Big Brother’ contestant Emily Parr out of the house- she was a “Tory” supporter and her words towards her black colleague was quite offensive……..

  10. Can i also add, you did not reject me because of anything, apart from my strong opposition to Israeli occupation of Palestine. And in addition to this, my opposition to Holocaust Memorial Day, I support a genocide Memorial Day, recognising the suffering of all people, not only one group- but all people who have been victims of genocide everywhere.I though your party was differently, clearly, I was wrong. Thanks

  11. Oh dear, Mash.First, popularity of pirate radio is nothing to do with politics but musical tastes – mainstream radio doesn’t do ‘street’ music. And it really is controlled because bandwidth is limited – radio is more complicated than the pirate fans think and you can get harmonics and superhet frequencies interfering a long way from where you think you’re broadcasting. As a rule I’m against regulation of common resources, but I find it hard to argue in this case. I don’t have that much sympathy with the commercial interests of existing license holders, who ought to provide a better product, but I do with everyone else who also want to get in but have to abide by the law instead.Second, the reason for limitations on political advocacy is because there’s far more demand for bandwidth than space, and anyone who got a slot would have preferential access. It is as much to stop pro-war, pro-Israel voices dominating as to stop those anti. Everyone looks at media bias relative to their own political position – the left are convinced it is right-wing, the right equally convinced it is left-wing. There are people who would laugh at your suggestion that the Establishment is against Muslims or Palestine, and would reel off a long list of examples of pro-Palestine, Islam-friendly bias, and tell you all the unpleasant truths the media and politicians are too scared to put out. Should they be allowed to do so on pirate radio, do you think? Broadcast media has limited bandwidth so it is controlled to some degree to stop the monopoly power being abused – use the internet to exercise your free speech, it’s got the space for it.Thirdly, be careful not to suggest that only anti-black, anti-asian comments can be racist. Anti-white comments are racist too, and there are sufficient examples to be found in Britain. And if you include insults against nationality, culture, and religion as a sort of proxy racism, I’d note that there is a lot of very nasty anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-Jew sentiment floating around a number of communities. If you think insulting Pakistanis is racist but insulting Americans or Israelis is not – then you are yourself what you claim to be against.Britain is one of the most tolerant and inclusive societies in the world, and its hospitality is being abused. Because we’re so nice and we believe in liberty and free speech, we let people do it. There are enough places around the world where to declare yourself against politicians and the government of the country anywhere in public, let alone openly on an MP’s own blog, would get you jail time and worse. Please, do try to appreciate a little what we have here. Allahu yahdika, Mash.

  12. The original article’s headline was that Crimestoppers were “caught” advertising on an illegal radio station, using words in both your blog and press releases that attacked the charity. But you know we had nothing to do with this and it is disappointing that you did not reply to my letter and have not withdrawn the allegation. It seems a bit unbecoming to have a MP attacking the only charity that exists to catch criminals and make our communities safer…but there you go.

  13. Michael – I haven’t replied to your letter so far as I haven’t seen it yet! To be on the safe side – do you want to email it to me at lynne@lynnefeatherstone.orgAs to the substance – yes, Crimestoppers does some excellent work, and if you look at the top of this blog posting, you’ll see I have updated the initial information, pointing out – as you say – that the advert came from a download.However – there is an issue around whether such adverts should be available for downloading at all (or if they are – whether they should have wording that deals better with their subsequent possible appearance on illegal radio stations).I’ll happily go into more detail on all of this when I see sight of your letter.

  14. Ooooh, get you Michael! Lynne Featherstone criticised an advert and then pretty quickly posted up an explanation of how it got there.I guess you were trying to defend Crimestopper’s reputation with your comment, but it reads like such a petulant sulk that it makes me think rather the less of your body after having seen it.

  15. if taxes and station rents werent that high maybe they would have paid the money and legalise themselves i dont think they enjoy being illegal