Encouraging practical alternatives to car ownership

Met Lynne Featherstone MP seeing how the Islington Streetcar street club workswith Streetcar. This is a car club. For those who don’t know – car clubs are just that. You become a member of the club and you can ‘buy’ access to a car, which will be stationed relatively near to you for an hourly, or 24 hour fee. It’s secured with a sort of version of the Oyster Card that unlocks the door – and then you have a pin number to feed into a gismo that removes the immobiliser and releases you the key to start it up.

There was one (well two actually) parked on the special on-street spaces reserved by the council in Islington (Lib Dem run of course!) for the car club – which is being enthusiastically backed by the council. Car clubs typically remove 20 private cars for each one of their cars. It is economic to the club member (only pay for a car when you need it), great for reducing congestion and car parking stress – and research amongst members demonstrates that people drive less miles per annum than they did when they owned their own car.

So – Cllr Ed Butcher (Lib Dem, Stroud Green) and I were meeting with Streetcar to see how they were progressing with breaking into the Haringey market. Opening gambits have been made – but I am sure Ed will be seeking to help them on their way. Transport for London gives funding to boroughs to promote the introduction of car clubs – so where there is money Haringey can be directed!

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  1. Having used the Streetcar service for, erm, about a year now, I can strongly vouch for it. The cars are invariably clean and well maintained, and the phone staff friendly and helpful. Signing up’s pretty easy too, and the number of cars (and now vans) is constantly increasing.Lynne – I’m delighted to see you supporting this – it’s a great idea for London and a great way to cut down on traffic, parking requirements, and many of the other problems cars often bring with them. I’m sure Streetcar will be extremely responsive to your gambits!