Is this the future of dentistry?

Hot Lynne Featherstone MP opens Denchic in Crouch Endweather – not much choice of suitable clothing on inspecting wardrobe. Anyway – off today to open ‘Denchic‘ Dental Spa. Not sure what this will be – but when I get there am just delighted to find such a beautifully designed place. This new idea is designed to take the fear out of dentistry, with not just expertise but also and absolutely beautiful surroundings (design is rather a thing of mine – and the benefits of good design are far too often overlooked!).

Anyway – this lovely ‘dental spa’ (which is private) is a great new small business for Crouch End. There is a good NHS dental practise just up the road – but not everyone can get an NHS dentist any more. The place is the long-cherished plan and dream for two exiled Iranians, who lived in Sweden for many years – met in dental college there and came to Britain around ten years ago. They are married with one son – Sam – who was running around at the opening – very excited. Kian and Cath Nikdel are absolutely lovely people and they have clearly poured their heart and soul into this venture.

This sort of excellence, with lots of thought and care given to what it is like for the patient, should also act as a spur to the NHS – as those are the standard we should aspire to for everyone through the NHS too. Easier to say than do mind…

Met a local author and playwright at the opening, Max Arthur. He has just had his play, Forgotten Voices (about the First World War), accepted and put on for six weeks at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith. So that’s something else to celebrate!

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  1. I just wanted to quickly comment. When i first spotted this new article, the first thing that drew me was the actual clothes you were wearing Lynne. You look “class” in that dress of yours. Good dress sense. Thanks