How do you stop developers in your neighbourhood?

Congratulations to Benji Lesser and co for putting paid to developers trying to bung non-social housing in the space between the back gardens around Priory Road. They have seen off planning applications in the past, but this time – the surrounding residents have clubbed together and bought a plot of land – saving it from development. Well done!

The bigger picture issue remains – the fact that developers still virtually have a charter for development, with the presumption being so strongly in favour of development – and the developer has right of reply against a refusal whereas poor old residents have no right of appeal if things go the developer’s way. I continue to campaign to right this wrong!

0 thoughts on “How do you stop developers in your neighbourhood?

  1. Why should not someone have the right to expect a presumption in favour of development of their own property within planning policy?Will these local residents be using this land for affordable housing? We have policy to enable them to do just that in the form of a community land trust – and round your way I would imagine that David Rodgers of CDS Co-operative would help setting one up with them.If, of course, they simply intend to hold good housing land out of the market they are no better, indeed perhaps worse, than someone wanting to develop it for housing of any kind – affordable or not.We could do more for making housing affordable by dropping our silly local income tax policy and removing all housing from any property tax whatever of course!