Hornsey Central Hospital: what's going to be built on the site?

Met yesterday with the developers (Acorn) who bought the bit of land that Haringey Primary Care Trust controversially sold off at the Hornsey Hospital site. The land shouldn’t have been sold off, but it was (regardless of local residents’ views). We haven’t even yet had in black and white that the monies will go on Hornsey Hospital – but as it has been sold off, I wanted to find out what the plans are now for it.

So – this meeting was with the buyers of said land. Undoubtedly they are approaching us locals with a softly softly approach to say their development means us no harm. It would be true to say that they are clearly professional and very keen not to run into trouble – and therefore appear to have gone to some lengths to meet possible concerns over planning issues. They are lucky that the vast majority of the site is not overlooked by residential properties and that Haringey Planning Department seems to have forewarned them of the likely list of objections. With their plans involving a good proportion of social housing – at least this isn’t one of the awful ‘ram expensive houses in the space where back gardens meet’ set of proposals.

As I said to them – the most important people in this are those directly affected, so when the application goes in we will see what they say. We desperately need social housing – but existing residents must first make sure they are happy with the proposals.