Councillor slams Labour Council's 'Alice in Wonderland' allotment policy

Councillor Wayne Hoban, Liberal Democrat member for Alexandra ward, has criticised Haringey Council over its ‘ Alice in Wonderland’ approach towards the Golf Course Allotment Holders in Alexandra ward. Allotment holders secured a new allotment community building through a recent successful Lottery application but now have been disappointed that the news that Haringey Council will now not insure the building.

Cllr Hoban has expressed astonishment that despite years of inadequate maintenance and support from the Council of the previous building, which forced the allotment holders to apply for Lottery funding, Cllr Brian Haley Labour Environment boss, has now informed Cllr Hoban that Haringey Council will not insure the new building because “the council does not own the building”.

Cllr Hoban comments:

“This is a completely bonkers approach by this Labour Council. The old building was insured by the Council; therefore, there can be no justification for not transferring this insurance cover to the new building.It is not as though the allotment holders, who should be congratulated for their fantastic efforts in achieving lottery funding, plan to take the building with them if they cease to be allotment holders.

“A perfectly sensible solution would be for the allotment holders to sign a document which would effectively transfer ownership of the building to the Council on the understanding that the building will remain on the Golf Course Allotment site for the use of their allotment holders. This simple measure would enable the Council to insure the building. I will be pressing Haringey Council to adopt this simple solution at the earliest opportunity so that allotment holders can have this pressing and unnecessary financial commitment removed from their shoulders.”