How Labour tries to cling on to power

It was Haringey’s Mayor making last night. As ever – a travesty of democracy with Labour refusing to have a Lib Dem Deputy Mayor or even letting Lib Dem councillor Ed Butcher be the council rep on one of the council bodies dealing with Finsbury Park. Yet five of the six Haringey councillors for the areas right next to the park are Lib Dem; but in Labour Haringey that means the rep has to be Labour! Just like almost every single one of the placements on outside bodies (and there are dozens and dozens) – Labour give places to Labour. Clearly they are clinging desperately to power and running scared of any other voices.

It’s such a shame; it’s not the proper way to conduct democratic processes – and an appalling example of standards in public life. An example of typical Labour behaviour towards me (and there are dozens of examples) would be when I went over to the new Sixth Form College when Labour Minister Jim Knight came to visit. I wasn’t allowed in the photos, near the platform, not allowed to speak – and no one even said the usual ‘we are pleased to have local MP Lynne Featherstone here’ today. It was shabby – and of course it was different when it was a Labour MP here! I’ve even been told of schools being instructed to take down my surgery notice and so on and so on.

0 thoughts on “How Labour tries to cling on to power

  1. Lynne, I think it is terrible that Haringey Labour is negatively exerting its influence to discredit you. But, you would be suprised to know that Labour is putting Nilgun Canver to become a prospective Parliamentary candidate for Labour in Haringey? Lynne, you will stay in power for the future ahead…… Don’t worry about that. If you are facing Nilgun Canver, that is just simply laugable. I am not a Lib Dem, but i can proudly say that Lynne has probably been the most respected MP Haringey has ever had. ThanksMash