Liberal Democrats reveal school places 'black hole'

Figures uncovered by Haringey Liberal Democrats have revealed a shocking ‘black hole’ in Haringey’s school places provision. In an answer to a Lib Dem written question submitted in March 2007, Haringey Council have only now confirmed that out of the 110 children that did not receive any of their four school preferences for a reception place, just under a quarter – 25 – came from Alexandra ward – one of nineteen wards in the borough.

Haringey Liberal Democrats have continually expressed their concerns at the recurrent gaps in local school places provision that annually blight the families of Haringey. Lib Dems have used a map to illustrate the ‘black hole’ that shows the gap in provision in Alexandra Ward. The lack of places has forced local residents to reconsider living in the area and to contemplate moving in order to get a local reception places when their children reach school age.

Cllr Gail Engert, Lib Dem Children and Young People Spokesperson comments:

“I call on Haringey Council to urgently address this situation. With the number of new family houses being built locally the problem will only get worse. For someone who moved into the area because it is so suitable to bring up a family, to now be contemplating having to move out because there is not likely to be a local school place for their children is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately it’s another case of the Labour council not having a robust enough forward plan for school places that foresees potential shortages before they happen.”

Cassie Harris a local resident adds:

“Our priority is finding a place at a local school so we and our children can be part of the local community. I feel very strongly about this: if it is not possible then we will be forced to move. A lot of local families and friends are in the same situation as us.”