Election results

Stay up to watch the election results. Lib Dems start brilliantly by gaining Hull – stealing a Labour heartland first thing bode well. But as the evening or should I say morning rolled on – the results were clearly more mixed.

The good news for us was in many of the seats that we’d be hoping to gain or hold at the next general election – with good results in many of them, raising hopes for more MPs next time round.

Also – that we have managed to score successes across the country and against both Labour and the Tories – including taking control of key Labour Councils like Hull and Rochdale in the North whilst winning Eastbourne direct from the Tories in the South. Ditto in Eastleigh – where although we hold – we improved our position again by taking two Tory seats, though this is a seat the Conservatives were trying very hard to win at the last general election.

Labour had a bad night – and I think it may yet get worse and the Tories did reasonably – but nowhere near what they had hoped. So we can all point at good bits and try and ignore the bad bits. We will see when all the counts are done if we can make any real sense of it.

0 thoughts on “Election results

  1. Lynne dear, I rather think 898 gains is a little more than most os had dared hope for…

  2. The Lib Dems need a new leader. Somebody must be ruthless enough and have a go. Ming C does not connect with the gen public. He’d make a competent party president or deputy leader.