Graffiti discourages residents from using path

A plague of unsightly graffiti along Penstock Path has prompted Liberal Democrat councillors to request a clean up by Haringey Council. Cllr Catherine Harris and Cllr Bob Hare are appalled by the lack of action to deal with the vandalism and damage of walls along the popular path used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Cllr Catherine Harris (Noel Park) comments:

“This is a popular and extremely useful footpath, which provides a short route between Hornsey, the new New River Village and Wood Green town centre. However, the dark tunnel with the years of graffiti all over the walls makes it a very unwelcoming path for pedestrians.”

Cllr Bob Hare (Lib Dem spokesperson on Green Issues) adds:

“It is years since Haringey Council last painted the walls. This must be done as soon as possible to brighten up the tunnel and to improve the poor perception of personal safety given by the present dark and vandalised walls.”