Darfur: time is running out

Speaking Lynne Featherstone MP speaking at the rally for Darfur outside Downing Streetat Darfur Rally today so get tube up to Westminster. Thank goodness the sun is shining – as the turnout is pretty impressive. Many, many refugees from Darfur. Key message from the attendees (according to the frequent chant) is to get the UN / African Union troops deployed on the ground to protect the people.

This is a terrible and deteriorating situation. Whilst there is a lot of dodging around the word ‘genocide’ for a variety of reasons – to me if it walks like genocide, talks like genocide – it’s genocide. And the frustration is that so little is happening. The theme (exemplified by a giant hour-glass filled with blood) is that time is running out.

There are lots of speakers (including me) and generally a lot of passion and anger and desperation – as despite so many people saying after events like Rwanda ‘it must never happen again’, it is happening again.

As I said:

The Sudanese regime is one of the most brutal and destabilising in the world today. Some 400,000 black Darfuris have perished in the past three years due to the measures taken against them by the Government of Sudan and allied militias. If we are not against this genocidal regime, we are with them.

You can read the rest of the speech on my website. But please don’t just read the speech – help do something about it too by contacting your MP to add to the pressure on the Government to act. (Even if you are a constituent of mine, please do still write – the more the messages I receive, the more I can impress on the Government the strength of feeling on the issue).