Mail on Sunday

Tempting though it is to let the story pass without comment, if you’re going to do a regular personal blog you have to stick with it in good times and less so – so I shouldn’t really let the story in tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday pass without comment.

In brief, what happened is this – just ahead of the deadline for new (more stringent) rules on MPs and stationery coming into force, one of my staff ordered an excessively large amount of stationery. As soon as I found out what had happened (the week before last) I instructed that the excess be returned – and I am also putting in place better office procedures.

I only say this by way of explanation because, of course, responsibility for how my staff behave does rest with me in the end. Tomorrow is another day etc.

0 thoughts on “Mail on Sunday

  1. Look on the bright side Lynne. You come out of this story (admitting mistake was made and fixing it) than David Cameron does out of their story about him today.

  2. I liked your quote in the Mail on Sunday: “I didn’t know he had gone so far, I knew nothing.”Fawlty Towers favourite Manuel would be proud of you.

  3. Don’t worry about it – only thick as $h!t people read the Mail on Sunday, as I said to a Director of ours after an unflattering piece about him had appeared in said ‘news’ paper. If you are annoying the MoS, then it means you are doing something right. Just ask Lord Browne. As their slogan nearly went. It’s not a snooze paper, it’s a $h!tepaper..