School links with South Africa

One Lynne Featherstone MP with Jacob Riba, Ros Hudson (head teachers of Ephes Memkeli and Alexandra Park schools)more event from yesterday to mention: had rushed back from Parliament for a celebration at Alexandra Park School. They have formed a partnership with Ephes Memkeli Secondary School in South Africa. A group of Alexandra Park students had been out to the school and together with students from there had toured South Africa to make a film about science. The Head Teacher, Jacob Riba, was visiting here and the school was screening the documentary for the first time and celebrating this partnership.

It was clear to me that the gain from this project was and will be enormous – in a whole host of ways – for both the schools. The picture shows myself with Jacob Riba and Ros Hudson (the two head teachers).

The further link – between these two disparate areas is that Oliver Tambo (a major figure in the ANC) used to live in Alexandra Park Road!