Alexander Litvinenko radiation clear-up

In response to Haringey’s Labour Press Release ‘Council must act responsibly’ regarding the Alexander Litvinenko radiation clear-up situation in Haringey, Cllr Neil Williams, Leader of the Lib Dem Opposition, comments:

“These comments are quite shameful, and Nilgun Canver should apologise to local residents and the Liberal Democrats for her baseless accusations.

“It is complete rubbish to suggest that the Lib Dems are campaigning for residents to pay for a plutonium clean up. The fact is that Haringey Council has now had four months to establish whether or not the costs of clear up can be recovered from the house owner. Quite apart from whether this is fair, given the seriousness of the situation, this should now have been done, as it is only the residents of Osier Crescent that matter, not cheap point scoring by Labour.

“And if there is no insurance, does this mean that residents in Osier Crescent should have to live next to a contaminated site? It is totally unacceptable.”

Cllr Martin Newton, Lib Dem Fortis Green ward adds:

“This is not primarily about the cost. It is about Labour doing nothing for months and keeping residents in the dark about continued contamination on Osier Crescent. It was only following questions by Lib Dem councillors that they have even bothered to react now.”