Clean it up! Highgate councillors call for springtime improvements

Highgate councillor Bob Hare (Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Green Issues) has requested that neglected planters should be part of Haringey Council led ‘Spring Clean’ of street furniture in his ward.

Along with Liberal Democrat colleagues Justin Portess and Neil Williams, Cllr Hare says that the disgracefully dilapidated planters, which are in the Miltons area, have been allowed to fall into disrepair, with the collection of water obstructing any new growth of plants.

Cllr Hare has asked Haringey Council to ensure that improvements are made to the planters as well as to replace or paint other outworn street furniture to provide a more attractive environment for residents in this part of Highgate.

Cllr Bob Hare comments:

“These planters are in a terrible state. They gather litter and some do not have sufficient drainage, which means they end up as plant-less waterlogged rubbish bins.

Lib Dem councillor Justin Portess adds:

“With a little maintenance from Haringey Council, these planters could easily really help in making the street look good. The Council should put this right.”