A treble win for the local community

Maxitech Kirsty Mcintyre (Hewlett Packard), Peter Padua (Maxitech), myself, Kam Matharu (NCH) and Cllr Lyn Weber (Lib Dem)is one of our local triumphs, really. A company that takes old computer stuff, waves a wand over it to make it top condition – and then gives it to those who can’t afford computers. And by the by – not only has it created jobs in Haringey for the hard to employ – but it also operates training for the hard to employ or long term unemployed. Win, win, win.

Today’s event sees Hewlett Packard (big computer company and very corporately responsible) joining forces with Maxitech who have asked the local community to bring their old computers in today. Those brought today are being reconditioned and given to the children in NCH Childrens’ Charity. Unbelievably good news all round. This is just the first of a series – and everyone should take their old computers to Maxitech. They are in Chocolate Factory 1 on the Ground Floor.

0 thoughts on “A treble win for the local community

  1. Ah! I have a garage full of old computer equipment. Now I know where to take it. Thanks for that.