Muswell Hill Library

Straight into surgery at Muswell Hill Library. There is still no disabled access to the upstairs – which means this isn’t an ideal venue for me to use to let members of the public come and meet me. But as I hold most of my surgeries in the more accessible Wood Green Library, I do sometimes also use venues like this one – which means I can get round to the various parts of the constituency, not all of which have a perfect venue.

But this morning one constituent reminded me (inadvertently) how pressing it is for buildings to be accessible. He had no legs – so had to walk up the stairs (almost impossible on the prosthetics) – but also carrying his seven-year old severely autistic and non-walking son. Of course, had he let us know in advance, I would have made special arrangements such as a home visit. He was more worried about going downstairs carrying his son after the appointment so I got a very kind guy from the library to help and carry the boy down the stairs.

The 'ramp' with steps at Muswell Hill LibraryI mention this incident because it is years now since Haringey Council first made promises and talked about restoring and renovating the building and making it properly accessible – but all words and no seeming action (other than the bizarre incident a few years ago where they put in a new ramp – but, as you can see from the photo, it had steps!).

So, I will again – as they say – make enquiries. Last time I went to a meeting about the library’s future the plans were big (bigger than needed) for a restaurant and an extension – and all-singing, all-dancing – but I haven’t heard anything since.