Dinner in Blackheath

Invited to a lunch by Carol Stone (political society hostess) on behalf of Camelot. Whilst it was Chatham House rules in terms of the discussion – so can’t say a word – can say that it was mainly peopled by bright, shiny Tory PPC wannabees, no Labour, two other Liberal Democrats and me! It was a girls only affair. And what was absolutely wonderful was that the lunch was healthy and low cal! A salmon fillet with a few roasted vegetables and then a beautifully laid out plate of bits of delicately cut fruit for each of us. Soooooooooooo much better than boys meals!

In the evening is was over to Blackheath Liberal Democrats Supper Club. I was the guest speaker, talking about international development. As ever with this area, there are experts in bits of the field everywhere I go – so I often pick up good info from the audience – and this being no exception.

I asked anyone there who was a GLA wannabe, a parliamentary wannabe or a Euro wannabe to identify themselves. This is a good time for socials and campaigning as those seeking selection are attending everything everywhere – and a good portion of hands went up. Well done to all of you for doing what you need to be doing!

It was a very pleasant evening – and as ever – informative. The key ‘ask’ from me was to deliver something that local activists can campaign on. Well – that is the point! I am trying to focus on areas where Liberal Democrats can make a difference – like education – as well as holding St Hilary to account! Although I suspect he’s not going to be in the job much longer – moving on to higher things when PMs change. But as I did point out to Blackheath – he is the Minister for Combating Corruption – and yet was not even consulted on the government’s decision to call off the Serious Fraud Office dogs who were about to bite BAE over the Al Yamamah Saudi deals.

UPDATE: You can read two blog accounts of the dinner here and here.